A percentage of the proceeds from Dawn's Daughter will go to the Dawning of a Miracle Scholarship for high school female seniors diagnosed with chronic/life-threatening illnesses.




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When I think about the life I had as a young girl, all I can remember is how simple life was. I remember my Momma fix’n me some breakfast, making sure I looked nice and sending me off to school. I can still recall seeing all my friends on the playground and being the queen of the social scene, making plans for after school activities.

My high school days were nothing like the kids have today. I had a blast with my cheerleading and going to school socials. Unlike today’s culture where teens communicate through texting on cell phones, we actually talked to one another and made friends by engaging in conversations face to face. I’m not saying we had it better, but life sure is different and more complicated for today’s youth. 

I was very touched by the premise of Savannah’s own Dawn Baker’s book. Dawn’s Daughter: Everything A Woman Needs To Know is exactly what we need for our teen girls and young adults today. In a world filled with mixed messages of what’s appropriate, social networking and the decline of civility, we need to guide our children to be the best they can be. Dawn does her best to give today’s youth and young adults an inside view of how they can prepare themselves for everything from job interviews, financial security as well as the importance of community service. In her book, Dawn approaches these topics like a loving mother or big sister. 

If you are a young woman, I urge you to read Dawn’s Daughter. If you have a daughter, niece or neighbor who is on the verge of becoming a young lady, I hope you will consider reading this book with them. It may bring you the opportunity to engage in some very meaningful conversations that can guide them in the right direction.  

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