A percentage of the proceeds from Dawn's Daughter will go to the Dawning of a Miracle Scholarship for high school female seniors diagnosed with chronic/life-threatening illnesses.


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In a time when it seems as though the personal values that made our nation great need to regain their prominence, we have an intense need to make sure that our positive values are rediscovered and transferred down through the generations. Reaching back through generations, Dawn's Daughter brings to the surface those time honored values that facilitate personal development. The prose makes this work easy to intellectually digest, and includes examples of situations that many young ladies will face. Dawn's Daughter provides a common sense approach that gets us started and also guides us on the road of self-improvement. All of those who are vested in cultivating the character of our young women will find Dawn's Daughter a must read!

-Malik R. Watkins, Ph.D
Board Chair Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Coastal Empire

Dawn's Daughter will be enjoyed by all readers- the young and impressionable who will benefit from Dawn Baker's words of wisdom, and the mature who will recall the lessons she shares and understand why they still ring true today.

The book, written with focus, clarity and insight, engages the reader immediately. Through the utilization of copious examples, witticisms, lists, and quotations, the reader s attention will undoubtedly remain constant. Baker's life and its lessons are cogently presented with wisdom in a style that makes the book practical. Each section seems more relevant than the previous one. Her infectious humor is interwoven with poignant recollections. Throughout the book Baker's joy of life embraces the reader.

The author has addressed a concern that many share regarding the dignity and worth of women as advanced technology, swift dissemination of information, and confusing social norms accelerate the displacement of standards and morality. Her voice is a welcome entreaty to youth to aim high and not compromise values. 

Dawn's Daughter is a must read! Its messages are timeless. It is a compelling and inspirational work that will encourage young women to seek firm and higher ground in their journey to dignity and maturity.

-Annette Brock, Ph.D.
Retired Savannah State University Educator and former acting president of Savannah State University

Dawn's Daughter could easily be a dialog between two women- one young, just beginning to find herself, and the other, a more mature, more experienced woman who desires the best for all young women. Basically, it is all about the choices we make. Dawn's Daughter is a conversation across the kitchen table between two women. It is good, down-to-earth advice for women of all ages. We're never too old to learn. Coming from a more mature woman, I agree wholeheartedly with this book. This information is basic, on the mark and timeless.

-Judy Compton
Community Volunteer
Lifetime member of Girl Scouts/Former Girl Scout Council Board Member and Council Board President

Dawn’s Daughter by Dawn Baker is one of those special books that make you feel like you’ve just had a conversation with a good friend.  Full of pertinent advice, it is a must read for every young woman.  It’s not preach-y, but it’s truthful and practical. 

-Patti Lyons
Former President of the Junior League of Savannah
Life time Girl Scout / Member Board of Directors Girl Scouts of Historic Georgia
Member of the Rotary Club of Savannah

This book is a must read for women. Reading through the book I thought many times I wish I would have read this book before I did this or that. This book is a learning tool for young women. Each subject provides meaningful and practical advice. Its principles are sound and based on the fundamentals of success. This book should be used as a blueprint for topics each mother should discuss with the young women in their lives. For young women this book can supplement their knowledge on a variety of topics that will ensure their success in life. An easy and interesting read; could not put it down.

-Jennifer Jones 
GySgt (Retired) USMC

Dawn Baker, your book, Dawn's Daughter, is a wonderful, easy to read book that everyone should get, especially for young women and budding professionals. It is so full of insights and anecdotes that are worth being shared. It makes a great gift. Thank you for being Dawn.

-Dr. Ja A. Jahannes, Savannah, GA
Writer, Poet, Playwright, Psychologist, & Educator

Awesome Book!! 
Reads like a conversation with a big sister. Great advice for a young lady! Although, I think that all young people could learn from Dawn's experiences. It shows that no matter where you come from, with hard work and a little tenacity, you CAN make your dream come true. I wish I could have had this advice when I was growing up. Dawn is a real approachable person coming across to young women telling them what every young woman should be told in a way that doesn't come across as scolding but as the beginning of the rest of her life that will serve her forever!! Loved it!!

-Dora Traynor, Rincon, GA

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